"Going home is better than being home."

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Exquisite, Complex, Intriguing
This exquisite, complex, touching, truth-telling, lyrical book pulled me through it almost non-stop. Black gives us characters to care about, mystical elements to wonder over, and an intriguing mystery to captivate us in the final chapters. But Buffalo Spirits' power comes from its history and its message. Her story-telling not only bonds us to the truth of our past, but it admonishes us to seek out a just, egalitarian, sustainable way of living. Let us all read it and take notice. I'm glad Black has the words to make us see and feel and think. Having grown up in western Oklahoma, I can vouch for the details she just flat out nails, down to the falling rain tinkle which the wind makes in the cottonwood tree leaves. The book works on so many levels.
Phyllis Wipf
Wichita, Kansas
July 24, 2004

Missing the Wind and the Prairies
This is the most beautiful story I have ever read about my native state of Kansas. Thank you for writing it. I am returning to my home state after an absence of 20 years. I did not realize how much I missed the wind and the prairies and the freedom.
Pamela Graham
Lake Charles, Louisiana
July 17, 2004

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